Monday, January 21, 2008

gPodder, the N800 and Bluetooth

I've just added support for Bluetooth File Transfer to the development version of gPodder. With this, you will be able to send (and convert) Video Podcasts from within gPodder directly to your Nokia Internet Tablet (or any other Bluetooth device). Of course, there is also support for converting videos before they are transferred over Bluetooth, so you will have good performance on the device, independent on which format the Video Podcast is in.

What you need:
After that, you simply configure your Bluetooth device in the preferences and select the "tablet-encode" script as a converter. Then, subscribe to some nice Video Podcast and transfer the downloaded episodes by right-clicking on the episode and choosing "Send to bluetooth device" from the popup menu.


PhoeniX said...

It seems, that there's no more gnome-obex-send in gnome-bluetooth:
but installing bluez-gnome solves it. Ant the tool named bluetooth-sendto there.

PhoeniX said...

I just made a patch, see mailinglist.