Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Subscribing to podcasts in gPodder

Until today, gPodder users were presented the same dialog for adding and editing "channels" (i.e. podcast subscriptions). When adding a channel, only the URL was needed, so all other UI elements were simply hidden in the dialog. As adding a channel only involves entering one URL, and as our new, shiny channel navigator adds some free space in the lower left corner of the window, I decided to re-work the GUI, inspired by Tasks's main window. Here's the difference:

Of course, with this change, I also had the chance to revise the channel edit dialog a bit (remember, it's the same dialog, used for both adding and editing). Apart from stripping out unneeded code and re-factoring the code, I've tried to make the dialog a bit more pleasant to use. For one, I've removed the cancel button and changed the "OK" button into a "Close" button.

I hope you like the changes and it makes using gPodder a little bit more pleasant. Time to roll another release some time soon..

1 comment:

nikosapi said...

Very nice. I'll be trying it out soon, I have some free time now so hopefully I can start contributing/learning again.

Great job Thomas!